Useful and Useless Inventions

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A First-Aid vendor service person always comes to my job to refill the medicine in the First-Aid kit. He tediously counts each and every item after sitting in the busy traffic to service different locations and sites. As I witnessed him counting the medicine and walking back down to his supply vehicle, I realized that he counted all the medicines, walked down to get a new supply and walked back up.

I asked him if he could recommend a more efficient way to do his job to his boss. He could create a medicinal vending machine that counts the items you put in and as the customer takes it, it can be deducted from the inventory. You could, in fact, create a faster way of delivery via Amazon.com, in which, you would no even need to come to the site.

“This guy is trying to invent me out of a job,” said the vendor. As I signed the bill for $69.00.

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