Rooster Versus Dragon Part I Scene II

Photo by Oliver Needham on Unsplash

Akun was a tall and handsome Chinese man, with a mole on the top right side of his forehead. He had a round face with a neat rice bowl haircut. While looking at the new products at the Chinese world fair, he had met two sisters Mei and Sheng at the Chinese fare of 1856. At the fair, the city featured cool innovations like special paints and new porcelain bowls. He looked at some nice ivory colored porcelain cups that rivaled the current cups that the Chinese used to drink tea at the dinner table.

Akun looked around the fair grounds and saw the two sisters looking at some beautiful material.

“What a beautiful piece of material!” said Mei.

“Yes, can you see how that would look like if it was used to make a dress?” asked Sheng. The two sisters browsed all the collections at the fair slowly by slowly getting a feel for the contemporary designs with new types of paint.

The fair grounds were made primarily of stone.

“Hi ladies,” said Akun. Akun thought he was cool. Akun wore a rice bag material pants and shirt. He looked like he earned the salary of a farmer.

“Hi sir,” said the two sisters. The two sisters were impressed that this poor farm boy came right out and spoke to them. The two sisters could not help but become smitten by his handsomeness.

The two sisters wore nothing but silk and gold material. Both sisters wore ivory makeup and wore red Cherries in the Snow lipstick.

Sheng, one of the sisters, the younger, had a round apple face, she wore a silk dress made of pink floral print silk. The older sister Mei typically wore cotton with an all-black colored dye. Sheng had an oval face.

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