Rooster Versus Dragon Part I Scene I

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Once upon a time not too long ago, out of the darkness, there came a light, bright, hot, red light that engulfed rice fields for hundreds of miles turning the rice fields into a conflagration of red and orange waves in a sea of darkness and smoke. The large scaly red dragon flew quickly across the rice fields topping speeds that cannot become accomplished by man. The red dragon swooped down, while chasing a Chinese man, as punishing revenge for what he did wrong. The red dragon was seeking revenge of what the man did to the two sisters of then red dragon. The red dragon glowed a molten lava red. The eyes of the red dragon glowed a bright yellow and green. The scales of the red dragon shimmered and reflected the grains of rice fields and the landscape that created an inferno-like red-orange glow.
“You can’t run from me, Akun,” screamed Red Dragon. 
“Please don’t kill me, whatever you are,” pleaded Akun.
“Where you go, I will find you and I will roast you like a suckling pig!” screamed Red Dragon.
“What can I do?” asked Akun. As Akun ran down the hillside toward his wooden house on the China shore. The red dragon, an entity out of the nightmares of his ancestors chased him with such speed that it scared Akun for his life. Akun ran for his dear life. He thought that the Loch Ness monster was chasing him for not going to the ocean like his ancestors. The great navigators of China were thought to navigate the globe. 
He thought to himself. Let’s be real. The Loch Ness monster would not be flying around China and burning up the place. Deep down inside he knew what he did wrong. He knew what he was facing, and, in his mind, he was trying to run away. In the real world, he was doing just that. Running away from an angry older brother, the red dragon. Akun did the two sisters wrong by making them both pregnant. The red dragon seemed to read his thoughts. The red dragon became angrier and flew closer after him to roast him alive. The dragon chased after the man who cheated his sisters at the same time.
It was the older sister named Mei. She wanted the death of the man who made her sister and herself with child. Both women were pregnant with two male heirs, who will belong to the Witch Queen, the steward, and queen mother of the dragons. The two sisters would give birth to siblings and cousins at the same time from the same night of debauchery with Akun.
The landscape was filled with black and silver rock formations and other natural structures that had an epicenter of prayer. Here the Chinese worshiped the red dragon as the dragon was the protector of China. As the red dragon flew over the Great wall the Chinese people would cheer because they knew that if they remained in good graces with the red dragon, then they would be protected from outside forces.
If the Chinese fell out of grace from the dragon, the dragon would not protect China, and the Mongols would rise again for another thousand years and the entire Qing Dynasty could crumble. Because Akun made two sisters pregnant and one of the sisters wanted her revenge over the man that wronged her, the natural order of things was out of balance. How dare this farmer outsmart the last descendants of the Qing Dynasty and get away with it. The Witch Queen would have a challenging time convincing the red dragon to calm down and to protect the place because what she felt directly influenced the dragon behavior. Her power was so strong the that she could extend her energy across the globe in the form of a curse.
To the East the blue dragon swam away, laughing at the destruction of the red dragon. The blue dragon felt superior to the red dragon in many ways because of the distances that he could travel. Also, given the fact that the blue dragon was more relaxed going, Akun could rest assure that the blue dragon would not try to destroy him or so Akun thought. The blue dragon brought balance to the red dragon. When China was in the balance then the blue dragon and the red dragon become one. The red dragon destroyed many crops that fed the people of China. The wrongdoing that Akun caused the disruption of balance among the forces of good and evil. The younger of the two sisters named Sheng still loved the man. 
“Akun, you must flee to America,” pleaded Sheng. 
Sheng knew that China could not withstand the Mongols without the protection of the water and red dragons.
“I will do as you ask,” promised Akun.
As Akun ran to his home to gather his things, the red dragon followed him in the sky swooping up and down, all around, to destroy him. Akun had a fear in his belly so strong that it almost made him throw up all the rice cakes and cake noodles that he ate that day. He thought about the broccoli that he ate and how embarrassing it would be to throw up his green broccoli soup.
The two Chinese sisters, Sheng and Mei, held on to each other to protect their unborn children in their wombs. Mei wished Akun dead. As she held on to her younger sister, she was in a trance. As Akun fled to America, the two sisters already pledge their unborn children to the Witch Queen of the dragons. Because of Mei hatred toward Akun, she asked for the Witch Queen to get revenge on their betrayal. Sheng remained silent secretly keeping to herself that she still loved Akun.
The entire landscape was up in flames when dragon located Akun as he boarded the boat to America. The red dragon was bound by the heat of the mantle of the earth and could not follow. He was safe on the wooden ship leaving from Canton. The blue dragon followed the boat.

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