On Writing

After studying writing for many years and getting paid for it, I know you can write, too! Get up and take a shower and start writing. The hardest part is done and over.

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You should write because you have a story to tell. You should write because like many other authors, you have a story about a battle between good and evil. In fact, you should write because talking to one person is not as impactful than when you write. Most people do not wake up and begin writing. In fact, most people that we know would rather go to Sand Island Beach Park and drink Budweiser than write something. Most people would rather watch YouTube videos and learn about things that interest them. They do not realize that they could be the ones who share that information versus receive that information. You should write because who else will pass on the knowledge of the God(s) to our future generations.

You have a story to tell. Maybe you have been thinking about a story inside. Maybe you do not know where to being. Maybe you need a little bravery to get you started. You are important. You have all the knowledge you need to write a fantastic novel or write a fantastic book. You can do it. Think about what you want to leave your children and your family. What legacy will you leave behind? Writing will help your story live on through the ages.

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Keoki Nalu Nunies loves to read, write, and edited to help support people in reaching their goals. In addition, Keoki likes to read and write stories.

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