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Being in the right state of mind can make a world of difference when show you care for your loved ones.

Looking at the way you treat your significant other can also lead to a healthy life. Listening to the way they feel will help you respond to them with a good mindset. Focus on what your loved one is trying to tell you.

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What happens when you loved one does not feel that you are not listening to them?

  • When your loved ones show you serious distress- make sure that you are looking at them with a look of compassion. Do not ignore them when they are talking to you.
  • When your loved one says certain gap words then make sure that you listen to them- allow three seconds before you begin to talk to them.
  • Always tell your loved one that you understand- the truth is that you may not understand what your loved one is trying to say; but, because you love them you will take the time to let them speak. Most times your loved one wants to share how they feel with you. Take all the feedback in as it is a gift even though you feel like dying inside because you come across as if you do not care or that you do not wish to hear what they are saying.

So what does this mean?

You can keep your loved one mentally sane by being there for them and active listening to them. By listening for cues you can begin to understand your loved one better. Although you may not understand what they are going through, eventually your loved one will see that you are there for them no matter what and forgive you.

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