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Game of Thrones has many characters as many writers know. To include that many characters can prove difficult to follow. However, the characters make the story.

As a new novelist, at first, I had serious challenges regarding the main characters and needed specific events that included people in the novel who want to achieve something. In many cases, professors in creative writing will ask that you start your short story or novel by creating a character sheet. I personally love creative character sheets of real people with 100% made-up information.

Linda- Linda suffers from chronic pain in her body. She has worms that inhabit her body, ever since she did a stunt in the River. OMG, OMG, OMG – The worms traveled from the stomach to the tips of her fingers. She held her stomach with her left hand. The pain felt like tiny hot coals floating in the bloodstream. The worms established a colony in her body as something out of a science-fiction/horror film.

Lloyd- Lloyd suffered from narcolepsy. Once in a while Lloyd will fall asleep and then not remember the very last thing he was doing. “Babe, watch out the chair.” Lloyd kicked the chair and he fell.. The problem was the chair was certainly in the wrong place. Who the F@*k put the chair in that spot. As Lloyd came to, he asked everyone in the restaurant what had happened that time and they told him that everything is okay.

Tracy- Tracy had the worst case of separation anxiety. She really depended on other people and tried to push people away. She would irritate them to the end of the Earth, until they could not take it and kick her out,

Barbara- Barbara suffers from narcissism disorder. She constantly makes things up for attention. “Yes, when I was young, I did everything,” said Barbara. The listeners would not believe one word that she said because she was just too young.

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