About HeBoPho

HeBoPho enters your eyeballs from a Town called Kalihi, in the City and County of Honolulu, in the State of Hawaii on the Island of Oahu. Not only does these words enter your eyes and brain, but this is the brainchild of Keoki Nalu Nunies. Regarding HeBoPho, as depicted in the name focuses on Readings and Writings on Health, Body, and Food and Fiction.

The blog will dive into topics regarding healthy practices of living. Then, the website will discuss measure you can take to keep your mind and body healthy. Next, this brainchild will share some writings of fiction that will keep you entertained to your heart’s content.

Have a seat in the comfort of your own place and have fun reading the blog.

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Keoki Nalu Nunies loves to read, write, and edited to help support people in reaching their goals. In addition, Keoki likes to read and write stories.

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